Boost Search

How does it work and when will I see results?

Boost Search is built entirely on credibility and by adhering to the strictest of search engine guidelines explicitly followed for over 20 years. When Boost Search is connected to your website, it communicates the credibility of your company to the search engines.

Boost Search links your site to one, direct, quality source as opposed to thousands of unnatural, junk sources, the typical SEO strategy. The Boost Search methodology is based upon Google's best practice guidelines, and therefore, builds the credibility of your valuable website. We are providing Google with the legitimacy it likes to see.

Once Boost Search is integrated, you will notice a steady increase in most of your current rankings. Additionally, new key phrase rankings also related to your core industry will begin to take position within approximately 30 to 60 days.

When do you know you need Boost Search?

Can Boost Search work with my current SEO?

Yes, absolutely! That's why it is so convenient. It's an affordable addition to enhance your current efforts. There are no lengthy setups required. You can turn it on and off as you like or your needs require. It will not disturb any of your current rankings; it will only help them by boosting their positions and building a stronger foundation underneath.

Is Boost Search duplicating the work of my current SEO initiatives?

No, it is enhancing the positive efforts and helping bring clarity to your current search engine optimization by adding your site into a highly credible proprietary network of value that search engines favorably recognize.

This sounds like a great product but I need an SEO partner, not just a product. Does Mineral provide full Search Engine services? Yes, absolutely. We thought you'd never ask!

Will my website need to be accessed?

No, Boost Search works externally*. There are essential basic search optimization items that must be completed. Most often, these items are already complete; therefore, internal website adjustments are not necessary. Should you need assistance with these items, please contact us for help.

*Boost Search does not participate in the following:
Excessive blogging, link brokering, junk link building, or any black hat or dishonest methods

What can I expect?

You will see an increase of approximately 20% in key phrase positions or traffic within a 30 to 60 day time period. In addition, your branded key phrases will strengthen and further increase overall efforts.

Boost Search improves over time

The longer you use it, the stronger and more long-lasting the results will be.